Nevada Making Incessant Profits through Sportsbooks

Nevada has broken the entire records of until date. In November, the sportsbook made a record of $557 million in bets, which is the highest of all. The bookmakers were reported to make a win of almost around $42.778 million with the win percentage of 7.7. These winnings have been recorded as the sixth highest monthly win and have left everyone in great surprise.

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Brief History of Nevada’s records

Nevada has always shown great progress over the years. In 2012, the state made a record with $447.6 million sports wagers, which was further broken in November 2013. In 2013, the state had broken the previous record by setting the new one with $490.3 million in bets. Finally, all the records were set aside in the year 2014 when it made $535 million in bets. This entire history of Nevada’s records has now taken a new turn with the latest record in Last November.

Wagering on various games

Out of all the millions of bets, around 71 percent of it was wagered on football. A total of $395 million bets were made on National Football League in the month of November. This further provided a win of more than $29 million to Silver State sportsbook and altogether brought in $83.9 million. In addition to this, $400.7 million bet was made on pigskin in November. The news revealed that the number could have been much better and bigger.

With this, the Nevada Sportsbook also made $8.172 million wins on basketball. In the month of November, $112,252,747 million bets were made on hoops last month. However, in the month of October, the total brought in was $16 million by wagering, which in turn made a win of $1.6 million. Besides, football and basketball, players wagered on various other games also including tennis, soccer, hockey, racing, MMA and various others. These all sports made a total of $640,000 for the bookmakers of Nevada. As far as Parlay is concerned, it actually made a profit of $5.113 million and turned into a great progress for the bookmakers.

The bottom line

After analyzing the entire profits and wagering of Nevada bookmakers, all the casinos made a total profit of $944,265,845 in the past November 2015. This clearly signifies the increase of at least 7.76 percent from the earlier amount of $876,244,082, the total gaming win that casinos made in November 2014. Over the years and months, the casinos of Nevada have shown a significant rise in the amount of profits and the digits are increasing with every passing month. Therefore, this also shows the increasing interest of more and more players across the state, as more number of players is turning into more profits for the casinos.

It is sure that Nevada bookmakers will beat the present record by earning much more profits in the coming more years and months. The millions of fans are all set to make even more bets and earn more millions of dollars in the year 2016.

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